Bird Details
Ring-billed Gull
Color: Gray, White
Size: 17.5"
Season: Winter
Description: Adult has a yellow bill with a black ring near the tip, pale gray back, and yellow legs. Its head and neck have gray flecks in winter (all white in breeding plumage). This species takes 3 years to mature. Juvenile has variable amounts of brown on the body, head, and wings, and a pink bill with black tip.
Voice: The stereotypical gull call, a squealing keah given singly or in a laugh-like series.
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Habitat: Common on lakes, reservoirs, ponds, flooded agricultural fields, and fish ponds, as well as landfills and urban areas.
Interesting Fact: Arkansas' most common gull. It feeds on natural prey items like fish, but also scavenges food scraps from garbage dumps and parking lots.
Scientific name: Larus delawarensis
Order: Charadriiformes
Family: Laridae

Adult nonbreeding plumage in flight
Bill Branham

Juvenile (1st winter) in flight
Delos McCauley

Juvenile (1st summer)
Dan Scheiman
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