Bird Details
Blue Jay
Color: Blue
Size: 11"
Season: Year-round
Description: Bright blue crest, wings and tail with gray below. The tail is tipped in white, as are the edges of some feathers. The bird has a dark necklace.
Voice: A harsh song consisting of jay-jay. Also a clear, whistled toolool. Can imitate the calls of hawks.
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Habitat: Open woodlands, parks and suburbs. More common along forest edges than deep in the woods.
Interesting Fact: Blue Jays eat acorns and other nuts. To save food for later they cache thousands of individual nuts in the soil. Although they can remember where they stored many of them, many other nuts are forgotten and left to grow into trees. Thus jays help with reforestation.
Scientific name: Cyanocitta cristata
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Corvidae

Howard Eskin

Adult feeding a fledgling
Ben Meadors

Dan Scheiman
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