Bird Details
Hermit Thrush
Color: Brown
Size: 6.75"
Season: Winter
Description: Brown above with a reddish tail and rump. Bold spots on the breast. Eye ring is white.
Voice: Rarely sings during winter. Song is ethereal and flutelike, beginning with a long whistle followed by a jumble of higher twirling notes bo diddly diddly diddly. Call notes include pip and a rising teeer.
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Habitat: Woodlands with a moderate understory, preferably where insects and berries are available.
Interesting Fact: This is the only spotted thrush that winters in Arkansas, switching from a diet of insects in the summer to fruit in the winter.
Scientific name: Catharus guttatus
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Turdidae

Ben Meadors

Nick Anich

Gene and Tina Blackwell
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