Bird Details
Painted Bunting
Color: Blue, Green, Red
Size: 5.5"
Season: Summer
Description: The most gaudily colored bird in Arkansas. Male is brightly colored with a blue head, red below and a light green back and wings. Female is yellow-green overall with a gray bill.
Voice: Musical, warbling song. Call is a staccato chich.
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Habitat: Brushy thickets, overgrown fields and clear-cut woodlands.
Interesting Fact: Many consider the Painted Bunting to be the most beautiful Arkansas bird. But their colors have gotten them into trouble; they have been illegally used in the pet trade.
Scientific name: Passerina ciris
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Cardinalidae

Adult male
Charles Mills

Adult female
Joe Neal

Male displaying to female
Joe Neal

First year male (similar to adult female)
Joe Neal
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