Bird Details
Baltimore Oriole
Color: Black, Orange
Size: 8.75"
Season: Summer
Description: Adult male is orange below and on the rump and tail. The head, back, rump and wings are black. Adult female looks like a washed out version of the male. First-year male is brighter than the female.
Voice: A rich, piping whistle, with pauses between phrases, sometimes with harsh notes.
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Habitat: A wide variety of wooded habitats, favoring riparian edges and areas with scattered shade trees.
Interesting Fact: To attract Baltimore Orioles to your yard offer fruit, grape jelly, suet, sugar-water (in special oriole nectar feeders), or fresh water in a clean birdbath.
Scientific name: Icterus galbula
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Icteridae

Adult male
Robert Herron

Adult female
Bill Branham

First year bird
Robert Herron

Adult male
Janet Criswell
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